Public Transportation

  • Hong Kong's public transportation system is considered to be world-class in terms of its management and efficiency. It includes buses, mini-buses, taxis, trams, the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), and ferries. Most public transportation accepts payment via the Octopus Card. For more information, please visit:


Taxi Services

  • Taxis in Hong Kong are generally abundant and can be flagged down on the street (except on roads with double yellow lines and restricted zones). An easier alternative is to queue at a taxi stand.
  • Taxis running in the city are red in color, while those in the New Territories are in green and those on Lantau Island are in blue. Red taxis can travel anywhere, while the green and blue taxis can operate only within their respective areas. All taxis can travel to and from the Hong Kong International Airport.
  • All taxis are metered, and you should refer to the meter for the exact charge. Taxi fare information is listed inside the taxi. Details about taxi fare can also be viewed from Transport Department website. Passengers have to pay a tunnel toll if the journey passes through paid tunnels. In addition, a luggage fee of $5 may be charged - check with the driver. Please note that foreign currencies and credit cards are not accepted. Few taxis provide the Octopus payment service. Tipping is not necessary except for rounding to the nearest dollar.
  • All taxis are regulated and taxi drivers are required to display their Taxi Driver Identity Plate on the dashboard. When you encounter any problems with the taxi service, such as possible overcharging, take down the taxi driver's name and license plate number as shown on the Taxi Driver Identity Plate on the cab's dashboard to lodge your complaint.



  • To be able to drive in Hong Kong, a person should be at least 18 years old and pass the required driving test. For a person holding an overseas driving license, he/she may apply for a full driving license. Details can be found from the website of the Transport Department: