ITSC Network Account

  • You can apply for an ITSC Network Account to access various computer services provided on the campus network.


Telephone Services

  • Please contact the Telephone Coordinator of your department for details.
  • Information about the telephone system on campus can be found here.



  • ITSC provides email services to staff members of HKUST.
  • You may find assistance on the website of ITSC to configure common email clients for access to your mailboxes.
  • When you need to access your mailbox while you are on overseas trip, you may use Outlook on the web (Exchange Online):


Internet Connection at Senior Staff Quarters

  • If you live in Senior Staff Quarters, you can connect your computer/notebook directly to the Internet. For details, please refer to here.


Campus Entry/Parking Label

  • To ingress into or egress out of covered car parks and enjoy free parking on campus, you may apply for a campus entry label for your vehicle registered in your or your spouse's name by completing and submitting the Application for Campus Parking Permit to the Campus Management Office.
  • More information about campus traffic and parking regulations is available here.