Health, Safety and Environment

  • The University is committed to conducting all its teaching, research and other operations in a safe and environmentally friendly manner and in compliance with relevant regulations.
  • All members of the campus community must follow safety and environmental procedures and watch out for the safety and health of one another.
  • The University's Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) was established to develop and help implement safety and environmental policies and procedures, and to provide necessary services to facilitate the realization of this commitment. The Office also provides leadership in the promotion of safety and environmental protection culture and awareness.


Emergency and Accidents

  • There may be times when you encounter emergencies or accidents on campus or at on-campus staff quarters. Possible emergencies at on-campus quarters:
    • burglary;
    • electricity power cut or serious electrical fault;
    • fire;
    • flooding;
    • suspected gas leak;
    • lift breakdown; or
    • any other emergencies and accidents
  • Emergency contacts on campus:
    Responsible Office Campus Extension
    Facilities Management Office 6421

    Security Control Office

    • Emergency / Ambulance Service
    • General


    • 8999
    • 6565
  • For off-campus emergencies, dial external number 999.
  • When calling for help, always give:
    • location of accident
    • the nature and severity of the accident, e.g. how many persons are injured, how serious is the injury, extent of property damage, any gas leakage, etc.
    • your name and current location


Typhoon and Rainstorm

  • Typhoons and rainstorms are most likely to occur between May and November.
  • Radio and television stations provide the latest weather bulletins from the Hong Kong Observatory on the status of these kinds of storms information may also be obtained by telephone 2835 1473.
  • As a general rule, University offices will be closed and classes will be cancelled when local Storm Warning Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted or when the Black Rainstorm Warning is issued. Please visit the website of the University's Campus Management Office or Human Resources Office for the typhoon warning arrangements and rainstorm warning arrangements.