This section serves to highlight some of the important guidelines and regulations governing appointees' discipline and integrity while working at the University. Full descriptions of the guidelines and regulations are posted on the websites of the Human Resources Office or the Office of the Executive Vice-President & Provost.


Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity and honesty are critical values in upholding HKUST's reputation as a community of scholars and its claim to the "intellectual property" created by staff and students.
  • All staff should be aware of the regulations that deal with academic integrity and honesty and work together to maintain the highest standards.


Conflict of Interest

  • These guidelines aim at ensuring that all staff members are honest and impartial in executing their University duties and that the University's interests are not undermined; and reminding appointees to avoid engaging in situations that may lead to or involve any conflict of interest.


Acceptance of Advantages

  • Any gifts ("advantages") offered to staff members in their official capacity are regarded as gifts to the University. It is the University's policy to encourage staff members not to accept advantages of any kind in their official capacity.
  • These rules aim at governing the acceptance of advantages on occasions when advantages are offered to staff members and it might be impolite, inconvenient or embarrassing to refuse.


Anti-discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policies

  • The University is committed to create and promote a working environment which provides equal opportunity and is free of discrimination and harassment.
  • Sexual Harassment is prohibited by University policy. University faculty, staff or students are liable to University discipline if found guilty of sexual harassment.


Consulting and Outside Academic Appointment by Academic Staff

  • The basic principle is that faculty members shall not allow outside employment to interfere with their primary University duties.
  • Subject to the nature of the activities, the University has policies governing the time limits for faculty members to participate in outside consulting activities.
  • As affiliation with another academic institution through an academic appointment offered by the institution may lead to potential conflicts of commitment, academic appointees should pay attention to the policy governing acceptance of academic appointments and that prior approval is required.


Outside Activities by Non-academic Staff

  • While staff members' service shall be exclusively at the disposal of the University, the University recognizes that exceptionally outside practice might be allowed, particularly where the work in question would help a member of staff to keep abreast of developments in his or her field and to maintain professional contacts, and/or where it would bring benefit to the University. Prior approval for outside activities may be sought in accordance to the policy governing outside activities by non-academic staff.


Complete Smoking Ban

  • With effect from 1 January 2007, Hong Kong Law prohibits smoking on the entire University campus inclusive of indoor and outdoor areas, except for staff quarters occupied by individual persons or families. Colleagues are reminded to refrain from smoking while on campus.