Personal Information Record Form

  • Please complete a Personal Information Record Form to provide us with your personal particulars, as well as those of your dependents (i.e. spouse and children) who may be eligible for the benefits provided under your employment at the University.
  • Upon submitting the Personal Information Record Form, you are required to bring along the originals and one photocopy of the following identity documents (where applicable) to the Human Resources Office for verification and record purpose:
    • Hong Kong Identity Card;
    • Passport;
    • Valid employment visa;

    (For married appointees)

    • Marriage certificate;
    • Spouse's Hong Kong Identity Card and/or passport; and
    • Birth certificate of dependent child(ren).
  • During your employment, if there are any changes in or correction of personal data (e.g. change of marital status, birth of child(ren)), please inform the Human Resources Office in writing as soon as possible.


Benefits Option Statement

  • If you are married, and if your spouse is provided with benefits under his/her employment, you are required to opt to receive the benefits either from HKUST or from your spouse's employer.
  • If you are married, please complete the Benefits Option Statement to indicate the options of each benefit for you and your spouse and submit it to the Human Resources Office for assessment of fringe benefits eligibility.
  • During your employment in the University, you should re-submit this Statement if there are any changes to your spouse's or your benefits options or changes in your marital/family status which affect your entitlement to fringe benefits.


Certificates/Proof of Education, Qualification and Past Work Experience

  • The Human Resources Office will keep a verified copy of new staff members' certificates/proofs of education, qualification and past work experience.
  • On your assumption of duty, please bring along the originals of relevant documents to the Human Resources Office for verification.