Welcome to HKUST – we are so pleased that you have joined us! The first few weeks in a new job can be overwhelming. There are new people to meet, culture to learn, duties to master and procedures to follow. The resources on this site are intended to help you get acquainted with the University and have a quick settling in to your new role in our community. As a new staff member, your manager/supervisor is your best resource person to provide you with department- or position-specific orientation. Do meet with your manager to understand your roles, responsibilities, and to identify your development goals and learning needs. In addition, you are always welcome to contact the Human Resources Office if you have any questions or concerns.


New Faculty & Staff Orientation and Welcoming

  • The Human Resources Office, together with other offices, organizes welcoming/orientation activities for new staff members (both faculty and staff on regular terms of appointment) on an annual basis. Through these activities, new staff members will have the opportunity to get to know other new colleagues and the senior management of the University, and receive information from the University's major departments and offices regarding University policies and procedures, University benefits and services as well as professional development resources.
  • The New Staff Orientation Program is held twice a year in March/April and August. It comprises two General Modules and one Core Module to flexibly suit the needs of the new staff members. The General Modules which introduce the major campus resources and support services are open to both new faculty and non-faculty staff. The content of the Core Module, on the other hand, is tailor-made to cover the benefits and development opportunities available specifically to each of the staff groups - faculty and non-faculty. PowerPoint presentations of the recent Program can be found here.
  • The Welcoming Lunch Reception, organized on a yearly basis, is to extend to new staff members a formal welcome to the University, and to offer new staff members an opportunity to get connected with colleagues of other departments and offices.
  • To get a flavor of the orientation and welcoming activities, please click Snapshots of Orientation Activities.


Faculty Orientation Program

  • At the beginning of every Fall and Spring Semesters, the Center for Education Innovation (CEI) will be organizing a Faculty Orientation program that covers various topics on teaching and learning support services at HKUST. All faculty members and teaching staff are invited to join the sessions that are of interest. For CEI's new faculty orientation and other CEI events, email notification with an online registration link will be sent out.


“Faculty Host” Arrangement

  • Apart from Orientation Programs, new faculty members on regular terms of appointment will be paired with a serving faculty member known as “Faculty Host” after they have accepted an appointment offer. The “Faculty Host” will help the new faculty member familiarize with the new living environment in Hong Kong and the University culture at the early stage of the appointment by sharing his/her experience of relocating, living and working in Hong Kong such as school search for children, housing options as well as offering new faculty some social support.